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Destination Wedding in Ensenada, Baja CA, Mexico

Nestled in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico, Jeannette & Fabiola celebrated their love surrounded by friends and family from all over the world. With roots deeply intertwined in the vibrant culture of Mexico, and their love for Ensenada, Jeannette & Fabiola couldn't imagine anywhere better to say "I do" than in the place that means so much to them.

I had the pleasure of photographing Jeannette & Fabiola's destination wedding weekend in Mexico with my husband, Dylan. It was both of our first time's traveling to Mexico and it was incredible to share this experience with him!

vineyard welcome party

The festivities began with a welcome party the night before their wedding at a nearby winery, where guests indulged in glasses of wine and freshly baked pizza, mingling and catching up as if no time had passed. It was a beautiful reunion, a prelude to the love and celebration-filled days ahead.

As the sun dipped behind the mountains, I overheard a family member informing a friend that "the 8pm [welcome party] end time is merely a suggestion". This sentence taught me more about Mexican celebration culture than anyone could ever explain to me.

As the sun rose on Jeannette & Fabiola's wedding day, I grabbed breakfast and Dylan and I went over to scout out the venue across the road. It was a beautiful sprawling property, set at the foot of the mountains with vineyards and open space. Decorated with stunning floral arrangements, lights, and a large tent, this place took my breath away.

I joined Fabiola in her getting-ready suite with her ladies and snapped some photos of the group as they readied themselves for the festivities ahead.

And then came the main event: the ceremony. As the brides exchanged vows against the backdrop of the mountains, surrounded by their loved ones, I couldn't help but tear up at their absolute love for one another.

two brides at weddingceremony

We wandered the grounds after family photos to give the two brides a moment to soak it all in and to capture portraits of just the two of them. These quiet moments are the ones I cherish most as a photographer. The moments for the couple to truly bask in their marriage and the gravity of the day that so many people have come to celebrate.

As the day turned to evening, the real party began. With a crown so celebratory that it was a challenge to sit everyone down for dinner! Dancing and music ruled the night. Speeches were given, toasts were had, and tequila shots were poured directly into guests mouths on the dance floor.

My time as photographer drew to a close and I sat back to watch the celebration unfold. Photographing love & celebration is never something I take for granted, it's a honor to witness such important moments in people's lives, and an even bigger honor when entrusted to capture those memories to look back on forever.

Cheers to J & F!


vineyard with mountains

two brides

brides at welcome party smiling


wedding day details

wedding dress

suit jacket hanging

two brides first touch

first look

first look

ceremony first kiss


two brides with dogs

bride portrait

two brides in vineyard

two brides in vineyard

wedding venue with brides in front

table details

two brides

couple kissing

couples portraits two brides

neon sign anomaly



first dance

couples dances

couple dances

couple dancing at night


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