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Jordan & Austin's Winery Wedding

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Ithaca, New York + winery + in love couple on their wedding day + field of sunflowers at sunset = most elegant & romantic wedding ever.

When I arrived to the Ithaca Marriott Downtown, Jordan and her gals were finishing up their getting ready process, with hair placed perfectly and drinks in hand, these ladies gathered for some fun photos in their matching PJs before hurrying to get into their dresses.

As the ladies toasted upstairs, the gentleman gathered for a toast of their own. The guys had finished their own getting ready process, as we know to always take quite less time than the ladies, and were gathering around to wish Austin good luck on his big day. Austin's father was there and gave Austin a precious gift of a pocket-watch with the wedding date inscribed on the back of it.

Jordan and her bride squad were the first group to hop on the shuttle bus to be brought to the venue, Treleaven Wines. Once arrived, they all gathered in the bridal suite and watched with huge smiles as Jordan slipped into her wedding dress. Jordan's sister/maid of honor & her mom helped her in securing the finishing touches of her dress.

We gathered the ladies outside for some group shots where Jordan shared an emotional first look with her dad. Dad & daughter first looks are moments where I literally ALWAYS tear up, and this one got me good! Jordan's dad wore a look of such pride on his face as he beamed at her before wrapping her into a big hug.

Austin and the guys were due to arrive soon so we ushered Jordan back indoors before they got there. After staging Austin for their first look, Jordan came out and stood behind him. As he turned around they were both smiling so big I'm sure their cheeks hurt. They said there vows right there. It was a private vow reading, with just myself, my 2nd, and the videographers to capture this beautiful moment. Filled with private inside jokes and sweet phrases; there was no shorter of laughter or tears as they exchanged their vows.

Now it was ceremony time, the whole wedding party boarded the shuttle bus to travel a few minutes down the road to the ceremony site; on top of a hill overlooking a vineyard with hilly views of the Finger Lake region in the background.

*Funny, not so funny side note. Someone had given the videographers and I the wrong directions. We ended up having to call the venue after driving down a dirt road for 10 minutes wondering where the ceremony was going to be taking place. It's the only time I haven't been early to a ceremony! Hoping to make sure it's the last time too!*

Their friend Kylie officiated their ceremony and placed a few good jokes & references from The Office throughout. Cheers erupted as Jordan & Austin shared their first kiss as husband & wife! They walked back down the aisle with victory hands raised above their heads.

After the ceremony we grabbed the remainder of family photos as well as some private photos of new Mr. & Mrs. before heading back to the venue. Now was time to celebrate!

As cocktail hour came to a close and all their guests found their seats, the speeches began. And let me tell you, there were no shortage of tears and laughter again as Jordan's dad, Austin's brother, and Jordan's sister gave such heartfelt speeches. To follow the speeches, dances commenced.

After the dances & dinner, I was able to sneak Jordan and Austin away for some sunset portraits in the sunflower field across the street.


These two were so playful and happy hanging in the sunflower field and I was able to capture such amazing photos of them. These are some of my favorite wedding photos to date.

My time with Jordan & Austin ended shortly after the cake cutting, but I was sure to capture some of their dance moves out on the floor before I headed out.

I had a spectacular time on their wedding day. Their love for each other shined so big and bright and I'm grateful to have witnessed and photographed such an amazing day.

Day of coordinators: Renee & Hattie

Officiate: Kylie

Bakery: Dolce Delight

Videographer: Ando Productions- Tom & Nick

*Some of these photos were taken by my amazing 2nd photographer Naomi. As always, edited by myself.


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