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Selina & Lisa's Intimate Palm Desert Wedding

Every wedding day I photograph is uniquely different and always represents the couple's love in an extraordinary way.

Selina & Lisa's wedding was just that.

They got married on a Tuesday, in the middle of July in Palm Desert at the JW Marriott. Now, anyone who knows about Palm Desert knows July is hot, not just hot, but HOT. Lisa is a teacher so naturally summer was the perfect choice for their wedding and Palm Desert was their ideal location so they decided to not let the heat deter them from having an awesome time!

To take full advantage of their time in Palm Desert, Selina & Lisa invited all their close family and friends to stay at the resort for a full week to have a proper wedding celebration. Although their wedding was a Tuesday, Selina & Lisa got to enjoy a vacation for days before and days after their wedding day. They got to lounge poolside while hanging out with the people they love most... the only missing love, their dog Chief who couldn't be there in real life so Selina & Lisa brought a Fathead cardboard cutout of him to take photos with!

Selina & Lisa's ceremony is where the real magic was. One minute they had everyone crying and the next, everyone laughing at some kind of joke or funny comment. These two managed to mix so many emotions into their ceremony. It was pure magic and you could feel the authenticity of the ceremony they created.

Post ceremony, a dreamy boat ride awaited them right at sunset. We created some sweet photos and headed back to land to capture the family formals before we lost light. Selina & Lisa's group of family and friends were beaming congratulations to them both throughout the whole family formal process. At the end of family formals, we even managed to capture a group photo of all the guests in attendance, a true feat!

While I accompanied them on their wedding day for only a short time, I left with my heart feeling full knowing I got to witness the union of two people absolutely head over heels in love with each other. The love they radiated through their day was felt and represented so beautifully!


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